Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment Talos- Keg Beer Kegs for Bar Use

Product Details

Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment Talos- Keg Beer Kegs for Bar Use

Basic Information:
Suitable for: beer/coffee/wine/soft drink
Material: Aluminum and high barrier PET
Color: Amber brown
Keg Spear: F type
Working pressure: 1.5bar-1.8bar
Maximum pressure: 3.0bar
Burst pressure: <7 bar
Certificate: NSF, CE, SK
Trademark: Talos
Origin: Zhejiang, China
FOB port: Shanghai port, Ningbo port, China.
Payment: T / T 30% deposit, 70% balance before the shipment.

Low cost
Long beer quality guarantee period
No transport limitation
Recycle cost free

Product Introduction:
T-Kegs, is our new product which has many advantages, like light, cheap, healthy and convenient. First of all, you should know a clear point that this is a one-time barrel, and be widely used in bars, wineries and so on. We have already received many orders in China before the T-Keg start to sell on the market, and even some customers far away come to our company just for having a look. When we design T-Keg, we not only considered the materials, shape, and safety, but also considered the appearance of the design. At first, it is the dark color but then we turn into the color you see now, is it nice? No? That does not matter, we will continue to improve it.

If you are interested in our draft beer dispensing equipment talos- keg beer kegs for bar use, welcome to check the quotation with our suppliers. We will offer you cheap price and one to one single channel service.