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Wine Bars Can Boost The Price Of Wine

May 02, 2017

The wine column is an important wine sale ornament, the hotel promotes the wine's worth by the wine column. Bring better economic benefits, make the hotel more distinctive. This product should be widely used in some high-end bars and entertainment, the appearance of fashionable and beautiful, in the light more noble.
The wine column is generally with the beer faucet, the small bucket connector (plate, well type distributor), beer refrigerator, beer bar beer machine, beer machine, wine label. for use together. Wine column or wine Tower Beer Brewing machine supporting the use, through the bar beer mechanism cold, mixed valve open. Open the CO2 pressure gauge, so that the carbon dioxide pressure into the barrel, beer from the wine tap out. Product design exquisite decoration, civilized hygiene, easy to use, ready to drink. It is a bar, guesthouse, restaurant, living room and so on need to drink the ideal supplies of beer.