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Why Beer Is The Healthiest Drink

May 02, 2017

Beer is a perfect beverage, its benefits are endless, can say that beer is the countless people looking for the elixir of immortality, but if not in the right way to drink beer, it will also have a negative impact on your health, so learn to drink beer is the key to maintaining health.
The benefits of beer for your body undoubtedly, the amount of beer every day can reduce blood lipids, prevent thrombosis, reduce the risk of cardio-cerebrovascular disease, but also promote your brain development, even prevention of brain tissue atrophy; antioxidants can boost your metabolism and keep your body youthful; the intake of silicon makes your bones more stable; vitamins and micronutrients make you more nutritious; Beer can even help you lose weight, lose your beer belly.
Anticancer and enhancing blood functioning
The bitterness of hops can make them drink more fresh from the excessive sweetness of beer, but the more important role is that it has antiseptic, antiviral effect, even in anti-cancer aspect has a prominent contribution. 1-2 cups of beer every day can also effectively reduce the concentration of fibrinogen and coagulation factor, enhance the metabolism of albumin, and keep you away from the high blood lipids and other diseases. So in the beer, with the highest hop content of non-IPA, the hops in it is the "water beer" in the content of hops 80 times times, a cup of IPA per day is equivalent to buy oneself a "delicious" insurance, but the expense is only to let oneself daily more high a bit.
Prevention and mitigation of kidney disease
Hops in TCM also known as hops, with obvious diuretic effect, to decompose the visceral toxins out of the body, drinking beer-rich daily content can reduce the risk of kidney stones and gallstones by 40%, but also alleviate the pain of releasing stones to the body, with a large amount of water intake, the increase in urination will help. So every day for personal capacity to drink beer more high content but low wine precision of the American light beer, to solve the male problem has a great help.
Increased bone density and rapid recovery of bone injuries
In order to ensure the bone density of the body, the body to intake of silicon per day to reach 20-50 mg, and beer contains our daily food is difficult to absorb the silicon elements, can reach the level of the millions of 30ppm-40ppm, which has a significant effect on the increase of bone density, barley is the most important source of silicon in beer, so a bottle of high-quality beer fermented by Germany will give us a greater benefit of our skeletal health, In particular, the restoration of bone damage has a significant role in promoting. Converted to 2-3 bottles of beer every day to meet our daily needs, more beer can enhance our bone density.
Keep the body youthful alive
Antioxidants are the most effective helper for our body to keep young, and it can even organize cataract eyes. The baked black malt produces more antioxidants than the original yellow malt, the deeper the degree of baking, the result is that the antioxidant content in black beer is higher than that of the same alcohol concentration and the content of ale in the malt concentration. Even more than 2-3 times, and the greater the concentration of beer malt, antioxidant content will also increase, their effect is more than those antioxidant drugs, is a natural anti-aging drinks. So all right drink a thick cup of English black beer, it is absolutely the simplest and most effective thing you can postpone aging.
Regulate Body function
Beer yeast is a very good health benefits of probiotics, with rich B vitamins, proteins and minerals, can effectively help the body to decompose nutrients, regulate the digestive system, maintain nervous system function, even help regulate blood glucose levels, is the most natural and toxic side effects of nutrients. A Belgian beer with plenty of yeast residue is helping you adjust your body's function, the effect is far ultra light Sandi light beer, and a cup of sweet beer a day can make you feel more pleasant.
Vitamin supplements and Microelements
We have been on the constant draught fruit food, intake of rich vitamins and daily necessary calories to ensure that we can grow healthily. Intake of 5-HT substances from bananas to resist depression, from pear intake of a variety of vitamins to detoxify the organ, from Apple's natural antioxidants to obtain anti-cancer efficacy, the citric acid in lemons helps the decomposition of various toxins, peach for lung disease patients to help far beyond our thinking, like pomegranate, this natural super antioxidant can also effectively reduce the growth of prostate cancer cells, physical fitness can also increase the well-being of the index, drink a cup of beer every day to replace a variety of fruit-flavored nutrients, Simple and fun.
Away from pesticide contamination
The Germans in the 1516 beer purity Law had the most primitive restrictions on beer, but it is not a novelty to look at the modern society, the refined beer has been the most basic respect for the use of raw materials, but higher advanced organic beer on this basis more on a floor. The use of organic barley, wheat or hops has higher standards of contamination in raw materials, it has at least been reduced by 30%% of our pesticide residues, although it is still far from reaching popularity in beer, but for the sake of health, choosing a organic beers will minimize our health damage.
Drink beer to cut off the beer belly
Many people worry about the beer belly problem and not drink beer, but actually drinking beer is the most effective antidote to reducing beer belly, because the calories consumed by beer are actually the lowest in all alcoholic beverages. Most of the beer contains calories from alcohol and residual sugars after fermentation, and the higher the wine precision and the greater the malt concentration, so you want to make the taste and waistline achieve a win, the best solution is to drink black beer from Ireland, they are relatively low-precision wine, with smooth taste and baked malt flavor, each cup of 130 calories is much lower than a cup of coke, is the best help to reduce health.
The benefits of beer are a lot, and this is a simple list of its benefits, but we also have to face the dilemma is that the wrong way of drinking beer can be for your health, although it may have a negative effect, bigger than your imagination, so again I need to remind everyone, learn to drink beer is the most important thing.
Alcohol enters into the body in the internal organs first converted into acetaldehyde, then metabolism into acetic acid, and finally the water to drink carbon dioxide metabolism outside, this process is simple and direct, will have a good effect on the body to promote. But if it exceeds the load capacity of the body to drink beer, alcohol will be the most damaging factor in the mental and bodily organs.
Excessive drinking will first affect your judgment, it is difficult to stop after one or two bottles to continue to point the impulse of beer, then lead to excessive intake of overload, which will directly lead to the metabolic of toxic acetaldehyde, some nausea, headache, vomiting and other symptoms will come to you, and then higher levels of ethanol can lead to fat accumulation in the liver to form fatty liver, reduce the formation of liver cells to affect the distribution of nutrients, leading to obesity, the vicious circle of final liver cell death, the formation of cirrhosis.
So how do not excessive drinking?
1, beer needs to drink slowly, the body can digest the efficiency of alcohol conversion is basically an hour of 400ml, that is, a bottle of beer, one hours a bottle of beer, health without pressure.
2, on this basis, drink beer is best not fasting, a full stomach can help you solve a part of the amount of alcohol;
3, in the process of drinking beer interspersed with some non-alcoholic beverages is also a good dilution method;
4, more toilet is also helpful, it at least let you metabolism faster.