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What Is Our Product When Tasting Beer?

May 02, 2017

Perhaps some people think that beer is the big mouth to drink, so that it is happy, fine products slowly drinking is purely a toss. In fact, no matter is any wine, it is worth our careful taste, when you apply to the appreciation of a wine, more than simply pursuing the sensual enjoyment of more fun. Beer also when it is so, the booze time to drink, at some point can also calm down the heart to carefully tasting, to feel its aroma and taste, to consider whether this wine is typical. And not the second time to drink beer only by their own feelings to say "Ah, this wine is good" or "this wine is very general na", fortunately, where, the difference is not clear.
Wine tasting is the art of doors. What is our product when tasting beer?

(1) Color luster
Depending on the kind, the color of beer can be from light yellow to amber to dark black, but compared with the same type of beer you have drunk before, this color is biased or weak? In addition to color, how does beer gloss? is clear and translucent, micro-precipitation or turbidity? Generally speaking, Peel-sen (Pilsner) beer should be clear and translucent, the unfiltered German Wheat Beer (Hefeweizen) with precipitation or turbidity. In addition, some beer in the state of the precipitation is not obvious, when iced after the sediment will increase.
(2) Wine head
The wine head of beer is foam. When the beer pours into the cup, the bubble is not rich? What about the shape and persistence of bubbles? The foam in beer is formed by the reaction of proteins in malt and hops and yeast. Different types of beer can form a different form of foam, some of the beer's foam and constantly burst into the disappearance, some foam delicate white as thick cream, some bubbles are small and uneven surface of the wine head. When you drink, you should also observe whether the beer bubble can hang a cup, can be on the cup wall to form a beautiful skirt.

(1) Aroma
Generally speaking, the aroma of beer can come from 3 aspects: malt, hops and yeast. The aroma from malt is sweet, biscuits, caramel, chocolate, black fruits (black plum, raisins, figs, etc.), nuts, baked, smoked and so on. The aroma of hops includes bitterness, citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon, orange, orange, etc.), dirt, flowers, grasses, herbs, pine trees, resins, spices and other flavors. Aroma from yeast includes sour, stable flavor, lipid substances (reflected in the pleasant floral, fruity or spice fragrance) and so on. Are all the above examples of pleasant or acceptable aroma, so unpleasant aroma? Unpleasant aroma includes metallic flavor, skunk smell, oxidation flavor, etc. In addition, the smell of the time to consider the aroma of the intensity, the aroma is light, medium or thick.
(2) Flavor
In general, we can smell the aroma to taste it. When we swallowed the beer with imports, savor the taste of the malt, hops, and yeast aromas, which combine to bring about a balanced sense of harmony?

(1) Killing taste
Beer bubbles like sparkling wines (Sparkling Wine), and these rising CO2 gases not only bring fresh sensations to people, but also stimulate the oral cavity. This is because the mouth temperature is high, so that carbon dioxide from the liquor escaping, the mouth to take away heat, stimulating the sensory cells in the mouth, resulting in a sense of stimulation, this kind of stimulation is called killing taste. If the amount of carbon dioxide in beer is insufficient, it will lack the taste of killing; Conversely, it is full of taste, can bring a very refreshing feeling. But there is a nitrogen beer in the market, the gas in the liquor mainly nitrogen, only a small amount of carbon dioxide, when the beer bubble burst in the mouth, there is a delicate cream texture.
(2) Texture
What kind of feeling can be brought when the beer's wind material and the killing taste appear together? Is it a creamy feeling or a smooth silk, or a sticky feeling?
(3) Wine body
Beer wine body refers to the wine containing the tongue in the mouth can feel the weight, its body can from light, medium to thick.
(4) Aftertaste
The aftertaste refers to the taste and sensation of the liquor that remains in the mouth after swallowing it. After swallowing your belly, you feel a sense of dryness (not necessarily bitter, but it must not be sweet, moist feeling (the mouth residual sweet or other rich flavor, need to use water or other things to clean the mouth to make the taste buds relaxed) or warm feeling (because of high alcohol precision and the heat of the feeling)?