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The Development Of Beer In The World

May 02, 2017

The origin of beer is closely related to the origins of cereals, and the use of cereals for liquor-making drinks has been more than 8,000 years old. The oldest known alcoholic literature is a beer-making method carved by the Babylonians by the clay plates of the last 6000. 16 kinds of beer produced by barley, wheat and honey had been used in Mesopotamia, 4000. The bitter taste agent began 3000. BC 18th century, Cuban Bielen king Hammurabi (Hammurapi?) ~ BC 1750 in the enactment of the Code, there are detailed records of beer.
In the 1300 around the year ago, Egypt's beer as the national management of the outstanding industry has been highly developed. The hieroglyphs of Napoleon's Egyptian Expeditionary Force found on the Rosetta tablet in Egypt showed that beer drinkers were prevailing in the local 196 around the year. The brewing technology of beer was transmitted to Western Europe by Egypt through Greece. 1881, E. Hansen invented the yeast pure culture method, making the beer brewing science a leap forward, from mystery, empiricism to scientific. The application of the steam engine, 1874, the invention of Linde Refrigeration machine made the industrialized production of beer a reality. The world's beer annual production has been ranked the first of various liquor, has broken 100000Ml,1986 year world-wide producing beer 101588.7Ml. Production is located in the top 10 countries in table 1 of 1986 beer production in the top 10 countries.