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The Development History Of Beer In China

May 02, 2017

At the end of 19th century, beer entered China. At that time, China's beer industry developed slowly, not wide distribution, production is not small. 1949 years later, China's beer industry has developed rapidly and has gradually emerged from the backward state of raw material dependence on imports. 1979 output reached 510l,1986 annual output of 4000l. China's beer began to enter the international market in 1954, when exports were only 0.3l, and 1980 soared to 26l.
Nationwide visibility is also low due to the severe oversupply contradiction, the current beer industry in China is the domestic beverage market, one of the most competitive industries. Most brands are still in the regional brand stage, brand visibility and market influence is low, and products are mainly low-grade products, market competition is mainly concentrated on low-grade products, and the high-grade beer market is mostly divided by foreign beer. With the increasing competition degree of beer market, in order to be able to realize the final consumption more quickly and efficiently, more and more beer enterprises will focus on the terminal in the marketing operation, the Battle of terminal is increasingly fierce, and the high-grade beer market is so. In addition to low-grade stall, large row stalls, small restaurants, high-grade beer become catering, entertainment terminal market consumption mainstream, especially in the economic level of good cities. High-grade beer added value, the development of high-grade beer market is an important way to improve the economic benefits of enterprises, and the city market consumption level is higher, the market capacity of high-grade beer expands unceasingly, the foreground is very broad.
Beer is a very conspicuous industry of branding, most of the beer enterprises in the middle and low market competition, not only has not gained a competitive advantage, but because of excessive price wars and big wounds, in the low-grade beer market is unprofitable, began to adjust the product structure and market strategy, to the main focus on the middle-grade market development.

Beer raw materials for barley, brewing water, hops, yeast and starch auxiliary raw materials (corn, rice, wheat, etc.) and sugar auxiliary materials.

China's beer industry, there are some impressive noodles, but in earnest analysis of China's beer industry market structure, competition level, and so on, the feeling is not optimistic. Although China is already a large country of beer production, but not to reach the level of beer power, to achieve a large country from the production of beer to the power of the qualitative change, but also need to seriously face and solve the current beer industry a series of unreasonable phenomena and problems. Second, China's beer industry because of the long-run crazy mergers, acquisitions, large-scale duplication of construction, expansion of capacity, exacerbated the market of disorderly competition, Shanghan monopoly behavior is becoming more prevalent, coupled with the involvement of foreign capital, the entire industry into a monopoly quagmire. If the Chinese beer industry cannot face these problems, not only the beer Power's dream can not be realized, even the status of the beer power is difficult to preserve.