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The Beer Enters The Critical Period, Does Not Sell How To Handle?

May 02, 2017

The news of critical food is that consumers are extremely concerned. How do businessmen react to this news? According to the stipulation, the shelf life for one years food in the shelf life 45 days before the critical food.

The production time is long "buy one Plus one"
In a supermarket beer district, reporters conducted a survey. Reporter found, some
Beer, because the production time is a little longer, the product is in the "buy one Plus one" promotional activities. However, the reporter forget, this long time to listen to the product is not counted
Critical food
The threshold is seven or eight days away.

Reporters asked the beer district staff, beer still has seven or eight days to the critical area, how to do? Staff said that these days they are always in the media to see the critical food news, but temporarily their store has not yet the region's merchandise, "according to the previous practice, it is almost expired, we generally the next rack." Reporter asks, how many world frames before the shelf life distance? The staff said that it was 30 days before, and now do not know what rules.

Small supermarket: Return from shelf life of three months
In a convenience supermarket, the staff of the critical food news is also very well-informed. A reporter asked about this, she explained: "This is big supermarket things, we are in particular few purchases, generally can sell how much to enter, few fast critical." "Reporters in this convenient supermarket beer area saw that most brands of beer products were produced from September to November last year." The convenience store staff said, in fact, they are in the purchase of the time with the wholesalers agreed, the expiration of three months, they can free back to wholesalers, "How to deal with wholesalers, we do not know." "

Big Supermarket: Regular check whether critical
In the big supermarket
Inside, reporters did not see the critical food sales zone, through the supermarket staff confirmed that there are no critical food sales area. Staff said that the supermarket before the spring festival with a critical food sales area, the year after the cancellation of the region, because the supermarket passenger traffic is larger, fast cargo speed, often not to the critical period, food has been sold out.

Reporters in the beer display rack before the observation, the critical period of a variety of beer is mostly a few months, some brands of beer just shelves not long. Reporters asked the staff, if there is a beer into the critical period, but not to sell how to deal with. Staff said that beer has not entered the critical period, the supermarket will be promotional products, so far from the critical period of food has been sold. "So many food, will there be some food into the critical period, but the staff can not find the situation?" "In the face of the reporter's question, the staff said that there will be regular inspection and special records, generally can be found immediately." Consumers and supermarket buyers are also concerned about the production date, the purchase is selected from the production date relatively close to food. "