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Introduction To Refined Beer

May 02, 2017

The world of fine brew beer can be described by "rich" "colorful".
Here is rich, refers to the taste of rich, ups and downs, fruity milk, smoked coffee, all tastes of the refined beer constantly breaking through your taste buds feel;
And colorful, naturally refers to the different colors, because of the difference between process or raw material, the wine body tends to appear different colors, such as fruity beer may show a reddish color due to the addition of fruits, we often say the world Tao, because of the baked barley brewing, wine experience is similar to the dark coffee.

Beer classification is more complex, each of the major classes have a derivative version, a simple introduction of several common categories recommended:

IPA/PA (India Pale al/pale)
A derivative version of APA (American-style light) and Imperial IPA, double IPA, etc
Show a variety of hops flowers, can smell a variety of tropical fruits, pine needles, grass, herbal and so charming aroma, but also a lot of money is poor.
"Wine dog punk" is characterized by a bottle of incense, the wine opens you will feel full of mango, pineapple, litchi mixed pine needles aroma, and the bitter degree is not high.

Trappist (Monastery beer)
Rich in layers and complex palate. Caramel, bread, plums, raisins and so on the complex sweet scent rub together to blow your mouth.
"Roosevelt No. 10th" A variety of beer list Top20 frequent customers, and domestic prices are very friendly, do not drink a few times to feel the complex flavor really sorry their tongue.

Lambic (gram) and Flanders Red Ale (Farrands Aire)
The most common Belgian acid beer in two styles, sour taste of the hearts of people good, like the person feel as red wine, sweet and refreshing, fruit fragrant and pleasant, annoying people often say this is a vinegar.
"Mann de Rou" belongs to the derivative version of Gram Lambic, relatively easy entrance, sour with sweet, wine precision is not high.

Stout (World Tao) and Porter (Porter)
The more intense beer, Jiao Xiang malt is used by brewers to the Acme, is also a variety of flavor raw materials used more than 6 of beer. Coffee beans, lactose, vanilla, chili peppers, packed with spirits of oak barrels, nothing is unexpected barrels of brewers.
"Left-handed milk nitrogen the world Tao" is relatively smooth, chocolate flavor, aftertaste has a milk flavor.