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Has The Chinese Beer Industry Entered The Golden Period?

May 02, 2017

Since in the 1990 of the 20th century, China's beer industry has entered a rapid development stage, the industry development so far, China's beer production and per capita consumption has increased substantially.

Chinese beer
Industry has been in the forefront of market economy, is the embodiment of full marketization, internationalization and openness determine the Chinese beer industry will long-term stable growth of the industry development pattern.
For the future development trend of beer industry, China Brewery Association Beer Branch said, from the growth mode, the next 5 years, the beer industry increase mainly concentrated in the Midwest and the vast countryside, in large and medium-sized cities and developed areas by adjusting and optimizing the product structure to enhance efficiency. Growth will be slower, but certainly will grow, its core driving force lies in China's huge population base, coupled with the further development of the economy, the increase in per capita consumption, the beer industry will enter the cardinal size, growth rate of slow, incremental stability, and effective development phase.
From the industrial structure, the frequency of mergers and acquisitions in the future and the speed of the new factory will gradually slow down, after experiencing the stage of development, is gradually approaching maturity. The production and market share of several large groups will continue to increase, and the number of subordinate factories will increase. When the national beer production no longer grows or small fluctuations, the production of several large groups accounted for more than 80% percent of the total production, the number of enterprises change is not large, there is no "value depressions" for contention, China's beer industry is truly entered into the mature stage, forming the main industry leader in the oligopoly.