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Countdown To China International Refined Beer Exhibition

May 02, 2017

In recent years, China's beer per capita consumption has reached the international average. However, due to the impact of the environment, beer production has been declining for consecutive months, last August, although this decline was curbed, but still take some time to complete recovery. However, imported beer is rising, usher in a new stage of growth. This means that under the current trend of consumption upgrading, consumers are more personalized, to "drink" excessive. And the fine brew beer is the representative of this small-audience. The research report shows that the future of brewing beer is expected to increase in the domestic market share to 3%.

Last May late October, the 2016 China International Refined Beer Conference and Exhibition (CBCE), sponsored jointly by from Exultation and Germany's Nuremberg Expo Group, succeeded in Shanghai's first show. Meeting invited well-known experts at home and abroad, practitioners and other industry heavyweight to the scene to impart, share their knowledge and experience, but also for the Chinese brew beer industry has brought great help. And from May 17, 2017 to 19th, the second China International Fine Brewing Beer Conference and Exhibition (CBCE) will be on schedule. This year, it will be in the Shanghai Expo Exhibition Hall for the industry and the public to bring more exciting.

China International fine Brewing Beer Conference and Exhibition (CBCE) mainly in the refined beer industry as the breakthrough point, faced with beer winemakers, brewing beer practitioners, brewing beer enthusiasts, brewing beer manufacturers, beer equipment manufacturers, beer raw materials suppliers and other related industry chain of an industry event. The General Assembly invited more than 30 more of the domestic and international reputation of the industry big Curry come for us to do a thematic share, covering the content of brewing beer production technology, refined brewing market business development, brewing bar operation Experience, home brewing experience sharing many aspects. In addition, the participants will be in the scene to see the refined industry chain suppliers of products, including the production of brewing beer raw materials, beer production equipment, bar operation equipment.