Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment Kinds of Beer Kegs Couplers with Relieve Valve

Product Details

Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment Kinds of Beer Kegs Couplers with Relieve Valve

Basic Information:
Model NO.: 1021710/1021718
Application fields: Suitable for bar/hotel/restaurant/home use
Design Style:
A system with relieve valve
Support different types such as A/M/G/S/D/U
Body: Brass material / SS material
Main Part:
Food grade 304 material probe
NSF rubber seals, to ensure the safety of health
New type handle: Ergonomics design, 304 material
Certificate: NSF Certificate
Patent protection
The internal structure has improved to new design, to ensure it's more smoother for gas inlet and beer outlet.
Special safety relief device, to ensure the safety of users.
Packaging: Inner box and master carton
Trademark: Talos
Payment: T / T 30% deposit, 70% balance before the shipment.

Product Introduction:
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