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What is beer B bottle?

May 02, 2017

The so-called B bottle, is in the beer bottle at the bottom of the 20 mm range of special marking B, and production enterprise marking, production of the year and quarter identification. For example, a bottle of feet have "BACIGD2885198 Tian" marking, respectively, said: B bottle, xx glass factory, Guangdong, b bottle Mold number, 99 the second quarter.
According to the introduction, B bottle safety is higher than non-B bottle, the key is "internal pressure resistance" standard in 1. More than 2%. But not the B bottle is not strictly limited, such as collisions or heated uneven, may explode.
But experts remind, that is to use B bottle, also do not expose fire roast, collision beat.
The "B Bottle topic" appeared in 1996. At that time, the National Technical Supervision Bureau formulated the new standard of beer bottles, stipulating that "B" word marking. This will help to change the mixing of beer bottles with other bottles, and to lay the groundwork for the future use of beer bottles.
The new standard has been implemented since 1997. The national beer bottle production enterprises are required to eliminate non-B bottles as soon as possible. But many companies do their own.
March this year, the National Technical Supervision Bureau issued a notice that the beer production enterprises from April onwards, the beer bottles used must meet the new standards. Beer sellers are no longer selling bottled beers that are inconsistent with new standards since June. Where there is a violation, that is, the existence of the product endangers the personal and property security risks, to be punished.