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The source of a popular science in beer

May 02, 2017

Beer is a porous membrane filtered by the beers, ordinary beer is a high-temperature sterilization of beer. The beer is a wonderful flower in the kingdom, the proportion of beer consumption in the world is increasing, in Europe has exceeded 60%. It is different from the high-temperature sterilization of bottled, canned beer, but also different from the sterile bulk beer, but a pure natural, non-pigment, no preservatives, no sugar, no flavor of the high-quality wine, nutrition is extremely rich.

Being hailed as the "beer juice" of the beer is the best quality of sake from the production line directly into the full-enclosed stainless steel barrel, drinking with a beer machine filling carbon dioxide, and beer with the wine control in the 3, drinking from the bar beer machine directly into the beer cups, to avoid the beer and air contact, make beer fresher, more chun, foam more abundant, drink more refreshing, memorable. The yeast contained in beer, has the effect of promoting secretion of gastric juice, increasing appetite and enhancing digestion.

Beer is actually a fresh beer or a beer, why is called "tie", there are two ways:
 First, the transliteration of English jug (cans), or draft (after purification and absorption), is the transliteration of foreign language;
 Second, Hong Kong-Guangdong customary call, from the brewing process, its essence is brewing mature, untreated, in a specific way in the city sold fresh beer.
 Chinese people take their homophonic as "Tie Beer", its full name should be "heavy carbon dioxide iced beer"