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The method and maintenance of the wine column

May 02, 2017

In a lot of drinking occasions, we will see the figure of wine column, it can not only facilitate people pour wine, but also has a strong beautification function. A cost-effective way to use the bar is generally simple, because its design is inherently convenient for people. Wine column is often contacted with wine, so it needs to be maintained, the maintenance of wine column is also a technical work, need to be careful.

I. Methods of Use
The value of the bar above the wine column has an internal thread connector or hole, just need to tap into the faucet of the pipe can be screwed. Take the hole or use the beer column fixing seat, the beer column is fixed at the table, bar and so on, the hose connects the bar beer machine and the beer column, can control the beer flow rate through the faucet, thus control the beer foaming quantity. The wine column which is more good mainly depends on whether their use method is normal, is convenient.

II. Maintenance methods
The material of the wine column is mainly metal, so it is easier to rust, even if its surface adopts electroplating process or stainless steel polishing, we need to pay attention to avoid contacting some corrosive liquids when used in peacetime. Because once the surface is stained with corrosive liquids or beer, should be promptly cleaned with clean towels, if necessary, can be wiped when adding special wax, because this can make the wine column surface clean as new. As long as the maintenance is appropriate, a excellent, exquisite wine column can use more than 10 years or even decades.

Specializing in the production of wine column is now constantly looking for a newer and better way to produce, because only continuous innovation will be more customer recognition. If the user wants the wine column can be used for a long time, it must be careful maintenance, maintenance of a equipment service life plays a great role. Each column will have a high use value, in the purchase of a further understanding of its value. In addition, there is a certain understanding of its maintenance skills, extending its service life.