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Little knowledge of beer

May 02, 2017
The degree of beer--the degree of beer actually refers to the concentration of wort, 12 degrees of beer with a sugar-containing 12 degrees of malt juice brewed beer. The sugar content of the finished beer is approximately between 1.5-2. The wine precision of beer is mostly between 3.5% and 4%. Beer degree and the meaning of liquor degrees are different, the degree of liquor is its alcohol content.
The bubble of beer-the bubble in beer can make beer have a cool refreshing, heat dissipation of the role of summer. Because bubbles are made up of carbon dioxide in beer. These carbon dioxide into the stomach, when the heat and swelling through the belch out of the body, thereby taking away part of the body heat, to achieve the efficacy of heat dissipation.
The nutritional value of beer-beer is known as "liquid Bread", that is, nutrition food, July 1, 1972 in Mexico, held in the Ninth World Food Conference, the beer officially classified as nutritious food. This is because beer has three important conditions for nutritious food:
(a) beer contains a lot of and a variety of amino acids.
(b) beer contains a higher calorific value.
(3) Easy to digest and absorb the body.