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Different beers correspond to different people

May 02, 2017

The weather is getting hotter and more than one years of beer season. In this season, especially summer nights, there is no more suitable drinks than beer. Whether it is the mood of drinking alone, or the enthusiasm of the carnival, People's thirst for beer is more like innate nature, and the summer of beer collision really is a lot of joy.
Summer come to drink beer season, the weather let us fall in love with the flavor of beer, a faint fragrance of beer filled with every nerve in our brains, watching the beer iced you are ready to drink and do it? But different beer suits different crowd, does this secret do not know if you knew?
Raw beer: Also called fresh beer, the beer is not sterilized, has a unique flavor of beer, but is not easy to save. is a pure natural, no pigment, no preservatives, no sugar, no flavor of the high-quality wine. Usually directly from the production line into the full-enclosed stainless steel barrel, drink before you can only through the beer injection machine to inject carbon dioxide. This wine avoids direct contact with the air, thus the flavor is more pure and more fresh. By the vast number of consumers of all ages. Because of the living yeast in the wine after filling, even in the human body can continue to carry on biochemical reactions, so this beer is easy to drink to make people fat, more suitable for thin people drink.
Cooked beer: Ordinary beer is to sterilize, killing bacteria after the cooked beer. Because the yeast in the wine has been heated to kill, will not continue to ferment, stability is better, so fat people drink more appropriate.
Dry beer: This beer originates from the wine, the wine contains the sugar concentration different, the ordinary beer also will have a certain sugar residue, the dry beer uses the special yeast to make the remaining sugar continue to ferment, drops the sugar to a certain concentration below, is called dry beer. Suitable for fear of obesity and diabetes mellitus patients drink. Of course, it is advisable for people with diabetes or not to drink alcohol.
Alcohol-free beer: The use of special craft to make yeast not fermented sugar, only produce aroma substances, in addition to alcohol, beer various characteristics have, taste, taste is very good. The ordinary beer wine precision is about 3.5%%, the alcohol-free beer general wine precision control over 1% below, not to say a little alcohol content. This kind of beer belongs to low-grade beer, only its saccharification wort concentration and alcohol degree is lower than the low alcohol beer, so it is suitable for women, children and sick to drink.
Sports beer: Ordinary people water supplement moisture, athletes in addition to dehydration, but also lost a lot of trace elements in the body, according to the athlete's own situation, in the beer to join the athletes need trace elements and nutrients, after the game can drink sports beer to restore strength. It is suitable for people who have finished sports to supplement the lost nutrients.