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Cup tilt can reduce the impact of beer column on cups

May 02, 2017

Beer and other wines differ, pour out of beer when there is a bubble overflow, this is a major feature of beer, and its adaptation range is more extensive than other liquor, so popular. But many people also fret about its bubble, because it always makes wine unhappy.
Beer, champagne, cola and other cool drinks, carbon dioxide is a saturated solution. In non-sealed conditions, carbon dioxide will slowly separate and escape into the air. This kind of fresh cool beverage, the more quality of carbon dioxide, the higher. This is also the reason for pouring beer into a cup of bubbles.
If you want beer to fill the cups without bubbling, you should try to minimize the relative speed of the liquid in the Beer Cup as far as possible, make the process of filling the cup quasi static.
It is not applicable, because this way to make the beer column has greater momentum, so that the beer in the cup speed difference, and the formation of a large number of small vortex. The oblique slip, on the one hand, reduces the beer from the bottle to the Contact Cup this gap, so that the beer into the cup of kinetic energy decreased; On the other hand, the cup tilt can change the positive impact of the beer column to the cup, thereby reducing the instantaneous momentum of beer contact;
In addition, the oblique course, increase the beer slip to the bottom of the cup, in the course of the slip of the cup wall near the boundary viscous layer caused by the resistance to beer can also reduce the speed of beer to the bottom of the cup. So it basically meets the requirements of quasi-static as far as possible, the whole process of foam less.