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Cold knowledge: We often say that the precision of wine is the degree of beer

May 02, 2017

[Do you think the wine is the degree of beer?] ]
[Original wort concentration and alcohol is a meaning?] ]

In daily life, many people think that beer is the degree of alcohol concentration.
In fact,
People often say that beer is the original wort concentration of beer, not alcohol degree;

The general beverage wine is the degree of alcohol content, so the abbreviation for "Wine degree", and beer "degrees" refers to the concentration of malt juice. Malting Barley Bud and auxiliary raw materials of rice, and so on, after malt amylase and protease function, transformed into maltose class, to sugar content to determine, such as each liter malt juice contains 120 grams of sugars, is 12 °. When the wort concentration is 7 ° ~9 °, the low concentration of beer is called. Malt juice concentrations at 18 ° ~20 ° Stout. The higher the concentration of malt juice, the better the nutritional value, and the foam delicate and lasting, mellow soft wine, the custody period is also long. Therefore, the "original Malt Juice Concentration" is a hard reference index to identify beer, according to its concentration to identify the beer can be stored.

According to the concentration of malt juice, beer is classified into
Low concentration type: malt juice concentration at 6 ° ~8 ° (Bahrain Sugar meter), wine precision is about 2%, summer can be cool drinks, the disadvantage is poor stability, save time is shorter.
Medium concentration type: Malt juice concentration at 10 ° ~12 °, with 12 degrees as universal, alcohol content in 3. About 5%, is the main varieties of beer production in China.
High concentration type: malt juice concentration at 14 ° ~20 °, alcohol content is 4%~8%. This kind of beer production cycle is long, contain solid matter more, stability is good, suitable for storage and long-distance transportation.

Degrees of beer
Beer degree and the degree of liquor represents the meaning of different, the degree of liquor refers to its alcohol content, and the degree of beer refers to the beer production raw malt juice concentration. The beer contained in the alcohol is converted from maltose, with the "12 °" beer, the beer is made with sugar content of 12 ° malt juice brewed.

Alcohol degree of beer
The alcohol degree of beer is calculated according to the percentage of mass volume (M/V%), as the mark of 12 degrees refers to the original wort concentration, so the wine precision should be about 4 °. Generally, the alcohol content of beer is mostly between 2, the common light beer is 3.3-3; the concentrated beer is 4, while the alcohol concentration of German beer is relatively high, about 5-9, and the wheat flavor compares aromatic scent, bitterness is heavier. The higher the alcohol content of beer, the better it can be said to some extent.

Relationship between concentration of malt juice and alcohol concentration
The concentration of malt juice is proportional to the alcohol concentration. For example, the original malt juice is less than 10 ° p, alcohol degrees are generally ultra-5 degrees, belonging to low beer. And black beer tends to be high in wort concentration, so alcohol tends to be more than 5 degrees. Therefore, we must not confuse, wrong the original wort concentration as alcohol degree.