Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment Kinds of Beer Cola Regulator

Product Details

Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment Kinds of Beer Cola Regulator

Basic Information:

Model NO.: 77145
Product name: cola regulator
Body: Brass
Max Gas Inlet Pressure: 8 Bar
Working Pressure: 0-4.5 Bar
Safety Relief Valve Releases at: 4.8 Bar
Connector: CGA320 threads
Principal Technology:
Nickel plated
Perfect shape
High pressure forging forming

Pressure Gauge: High-strength PC material,Super ruggedness
Features: Safety relief valve,Ensure safety
Performance Range:
Reasonable structure design
Precise pressure regulation
Long lasting

Trademark: Talos
FOB port: Shanghai port /Ningbo port China.
Payment: T / T 30% deposit, 70% balance before the shipment.

Product Introduction:
Weekend is the party time for friends, a group of buddies are chatting while drinking, singing and dancing, but some people aren't put down phones. On the weekend night, we don't want to go back to home early until drunk. The waiter look at the pressure gauge on the cylinder and control the pressure in order to provide guests with tasty beer, and he also need to ensure the safety of bar. I like to drink beer, especially brewed beer with the taste of a little bitter. I think I do not want to go anywhere, just stay here and relax myself with beer. I just want to lost myself in this free world tonight without working and thinking.

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