Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment Kinds of Beer Secondly Regulator

Product Details

Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment Kinds of Beer Secondly Regulator

Basic Information:

Model NO.: 77301
Product name: Single Product Secondary Gauge Regulator
Body: Brass
Max Gas Inlet Pressure: 8 Bar
Working Pressure: 0-4.5 Bar
Safety Relief Valve Releases at: 4.8 Bar
Connect 8mm/9mmBarbs
Connect between primary regulator and Keg Coupler
Support Barb, Plug+barb, Fitting, Plug+fitting
Principal Technology: High pressure forging forming, Nickel plated
Pressure Gauge: High-strength PC material, Super ruggedness
Safety Device: Safety relief valve, Ensure safety
Performance: Reasonable structure design, Precise pressure regulation, Long lasting
Trademark: Talos
Origin: Zhejiang, China
FOB port: Shanghai port, Ningbo port, China.
Payment: T / T 30% deposit, 70% balance before the shipment.

Product Introduction:
We do the best for every detail of our secondary regulator and in line with international standards w. The Glass of dial is harder than the usual glass because it is a kind of bullet-proof glass. The product has many advantages like keep stable during the work, durable and meticulous design. Detail decides the good quality. Only for paying attention to every detail that our products are in quality. The regulator of Talos has always been the good partner with beer equipment.

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