Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment Kinds of Premium Regulator

Product Details

Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment Kinds of Premium Regulator

Basic Information:
Model NO.: 77103/77120/77106/77201/77104
Product name: Primary Double Gauge Regulator w/One Product Out
Application Fields: Suitable for gas cylinder
Body: Brass material
Max Gas Inlet Pressure: 230 Bar
Working Pressure: 0-4.5 Bar
Safety Relief Valve Releases at: 4.8 Bar
Thread support: G5/8, CGA320, W21.8, W24.3, G3/4
Barb: 8mm/9mm
Principal Technology: High pressure forging forming
Surface treatment: Nickel plated
Pressure Gauge: High-strength PC material, Super ruggedness
Features: Safety relief valve, Ensure safety
Performance Range:
Reasonable structure design
Precise pressure regulation
Long lasting
Trademark: Talos
FOB port: Shanghai port, Ningbo port, China.
Payment: T / T 30% deposit, 70% balance before the shipment.

Product Introduction:
The regulators are very wide used in the field of keg beer. They may also be applied to coffee, fruit juice and other drinks as well as industry in the future. Now let's look at the product, you can find the product has a lot of features. Firstly it is in high accuracy which is we force on. And secondly, the product is in good quality with heavy weight, so it is not easy to damage. The most important thing is that we are developing our unique brand gradually in the international area. Customer's supporting will ensure we with the confidence of the name of the brand and to promote our brand values-every field has its master.

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